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Minutas Teams is an app that creates meeting minutes and makes more efficient your work meetings.

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What is?

Minutas Teams is an app that creates meeting minutes and makes more efficient your work meetings.

Schedule meetings with your team.

Generate the meeting minute with the reached agreements.

Follow up on assigned tasks.

Companies that already use Minutas Teams
with their work team:


Why prepare meeting minutes?

Track activities and responsibilities.

Organize team tasks.

Plan and document your meetings.

Centralize management.

Create agreements.

Assign responsibilities.

Minutas Teams is integrated with Microsoft Teams and connects with Microsoft Planner, making it very easy to incorporate the app into your workflows.​

How much cost?

We offer Minutas Teams in several subscription plans
according to the needs and size of your company.

Starter pack

If your company has 100 employees or less.

Annual plan Includes: 250 Meeting Minutes

$179 USD


Small Business

If your company has 150 employees or less.

Annual plan Includes: 500 Meeting Minutes

$349 USD

S. Business Plus

If your company has 250 employees or less.

Annual plan Includes: 1000 Meeting Minutes

$549 USD


If your company has 1000 employees or less.

Annual plan Includes: 3000 Meeting Minutes

$1,099 USD

Frequently Asked Questions.

Minutas Teams is the application that helps you manage your work meetings. Through it you can invite guests, inform meeting objectives, keep a record of what happened in each meeting, take notes, assign tasks to collaborators, and monitor compliance with the commitments of each meeting. The generated meeting minutes can be sent to meeting attendees with a single click and are archived in the application. Minutas Teams is integrated into Microsoft Teams.

  • With Minutas Teams you can save work time.
  • You can make a real follow-up to the agreements and pending topics.
  • With a single click you can send the meeting minute to the involved people.
  • You will be able to assign tasks and monitor their progress.
  • You can standardize the meeting minute format for the entire company.

Minutas Teams is an app designed for work teams and that is why our subscription plans are only for companies.

We do not sell subscriptions to individuals.

Your information is safe because it is hosted in the Microsoft Azure public cloud, which integrates unmatched security intelligence that identifies threats in advance.

In order to use Minutas Teams, your company must have a Microsoft Business license, since Minutas Teams is an app integrated with Microsoft Teams. The advantage of this is that Minutas Teams connects with Teams, Outlook and Planner, and this facilitates workflows bacause you can use the tools that you already have and know.

You will have access to all the features of Minutas Teams. Depending on the subscription plan, you will have a predefined number of meeting minutes that you can create. Users are not limited, everyone in your company’s domain can download, install and use the app.

Let us remember that a meeting minute is a formal document that establishes the agreements reached at the meeting; once the meeting is over and the meeting minute is finished, it should not be modified anymore. The follow-up of the agreements and tasks assigned on the meeting will ideally be done in a subsequent meeting for which a new minute should be generated.

You can purchase a subscription through Microsoft’s AppSource on this link If you need additional options to purchase your subscription, please send us an email to

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